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Truss Lofts

Truss LoftsIt is a common misconception that truss rafter roofs are not suitable for loft conversions.

In fact, there is no reason whatsoever why houses built this way cannot be converted into that new loft conversion you have always wanted.

Generally speaking, properties built since the mid-1960s will use truss rafters, though very modern houses may have steel trusses.

Take a peek in your loft and if you see that the roof timbers form into a 'W' shape, then your property has a trussed roof. Other things to look for are a very shallow pitch to the sides of the roof and metal plates connecting the timbers. The illustration below should give you a further idea of what to look for.

Here at Conifers Loft Conversions, we're experts in undertaking truss loft conversions, having built up our extensive experience over many years. Our team will accurately assess your loft, making detailed plans of the space while consulting you about your ideal loft conversion. We will ensure that all necessary modifications are included in the plans and that these are approved and calculated by a professional structural engineer.

Once your plans are approved, we will begin your truss loft conversion. All work we undertake is accomplished correctly and safely, using our experience and knowledge to ensure that your truss loft conversion is carried out in accordance with all building regulations.

If you live in Surrey or Berkshire and require more information on truss lofts then contact Conifers Loft Conversions today.

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